I'm on the right.

I’m David (a.k.a. JD). Thanks for checking out PreOwnedCars (a.k.a. a work in progress). Technically I'm the webmaster. But jack-of-all-trades suits me better than master of anything, especially anything technical.

In 2005 I got a graduate degree from Harvard, then moved to Greenwich Village to become a struggling writer. By now I'm half way to my goal. Unfortunately, the half I’ve mastered is the struggling part. 

Admittedly, to say you’re a writer is to be impossibly vague. Writer describes everyone from Nabokov, to the middle school girl who practices scribbling MRS. TOM BRADY in her diary 50 times each night. Let’s just say talent-wise I fall somewhere in between. (Notice I didn’t say somewhere in the middle, since my skill level's way closer to the girl). But writer is about all I've got, so I'm sticking with it.

As for Pre Owned Cars, I have a 3-part goal: to build a site that’s useful, funny, and wildly profitable (so I can do good things with the money, naturally). Of course, I'll have to do it all on the cheap. You see, I not only lack technical skills, I’m just about broke, too.

Honestly, I’m not fooling myself; I'll never make Preowned Cars a cash cow. But funny* and useful are certainly doable, which would mean I achieved two-thirds of my goal this time. And you know the old saying: I may not be stinking filthy rich, but two out of three ain’t bad!


*Huge thanks go to funnyman Q. William Bacon.

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