Brighten Up -- Before You Shop

  • Are You Risking Your Family’s Health Buying a PreOwned Car from a Smoker?

Several recent university studies on the subject say yes! Worse still, buying a preowned car from a nonsmoker who merely allowed in-car smoking can make you sick, according the studies. Read more


  • Rear-Facing Car Seats Now Seen as Essential to at Least Age 2

The New York Times reports that new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend parents keep toddlers in rear-facing car seats until age 2, twice as long as is now customary. The article says “children under 2 are 75% less likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries... Read more





  • PreOwned Car Shoppers Beware: Free Credit Report? Not So Fast!

A New York Times story a while back (The High Cost of a 'Free Credit Report') interviewed a Madison, Wis. man named Steele who decided to check his credit score prior to buying a preowned car. Read more


  • Buying a Safer Car

Yearly info for consumers lets you choose preowned cars offering the most protection from injury or death in a frontal or side crash. Information on vehicle safety features, along with crash test and rollover rating results. Go here



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  • Buying a Safer Car for Child Passengers - A Guide for Parents

Get yearly information about preowned cars' safety features and designs specific to child passengers. Child safety features by model (within easy-to-reference tables), a "Guidelines and Usage" chart for child safety and booster seats, tips for keeping kids safe in and around vehicles, answers to frequently asked questions about child passenger safety. Go here



  • Search for Defect Investigations

This government Investigations Search Engine tool allows searches of current and past NHTSA Investigations of vehicles, tires, child restraints, and equipment, opened since 1972. You can search by single year, make, or model. Other search options help you target your search. Go here


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  • Child Restraint Recalls

    Search for child restraint recalls from March 2001 to date, by manufacturer. Go here




  • PreOwned Car Buying Tips (from Consumer Reports Money Adviser)

In a survey, 32 percent of auto shoppers who were considering buying a new car are now looking for a more affordable preowned vehicle. It's not a bad strategy... Read more




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  • Read Between the Lines: What to Ask when Offered Low Interest or Special Deals

Many factors determine whether a special offers provide genuine savings. Read more





  • Vehicle Safety Ratings Consumer Complaints

    The Consumer Complaints Search Engine lets you search for consumer complaints regarding safety related motor vehicle, motor vehicle equipment, tires, and child restraints, by make, model, and year. Go here