Good Stuff for PreOwned Car Shoppers

  • How to Examine PreOwned Cars for Sale

Begin examining a preowned car for sale by circling it, watching for evidence the body was repaired. Look for patches of paint that don't match perfectly or if one headlight looks newer than the other. Bring along a small magnet to detect repaired body panels ... Read more

  •  Pre Owned Cars Auctioned by Uncle Sam

Purchase top quality, U.S. government preowned cars, trucks, SUVs, & vans direct from the GSA Fleet Pre Owned Cars & Vehicle Sales, a division of the Federal Government. Live & online auctions of U.S. Government-owned preowned vehicles are available to the public at substantial savings. Learn where & when auctions are held, and what you should know before you browse or bid. Go here for preowned car auction tips, & FAQ.


  • Finding a Good Deal on Pre Owned Cars

If you've changed your car-buying plans from new to preowned as a result of the uncertain economy, you're not alone. In a recent survey, 32 percent of auto shoppers who were considering buying a new car are now looking for a more affordable preowned vehicle. It's not a bad strategy ... Read more


  • Side-by-Side Fuel Economy Comparison Tool for New & Preowned Cars

This government tool lets preowned car shoppers compare cars' fuel efficiency -- any year, make, & model. Go here.


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  • A Better Business Bureau List of Bullsh*t New & Pre Owned Car Dealers

A local BBB study found pre owned car dealers preying on shoppers with less-than-great credit. It lists 10 most complained about companies, and tells what you should do to avoid preowned car rip-offs. Read more 

  • New Free Tool Helps Price Pre Owned Cars

A recent New York Times article says if you’re in the market for a used car or want to sell your used car, you may want to check out a new free tool from TrueCar Inc. called Read more

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