This Medication May Have Some Side Effects

by Q. William Bacon


You may experience some side effects when taking this medication.

You may experience memory lapses to varying degrees. You may forget to take your daily dose. (If you do, simply return to the daily schedule. Do not take two doses together.) You may forget where you have placed your bottle of medication. (We suggest leaving the bottle on your night stand or otherwise out in the open. You do not need to refrigerate the medication.)

It is possible, though unlikely, that you may forget that you went to the doctor and received a prescription, or that you picked up the medication at the pharmacy. In rare cases, you may forget that you have a disease. If the medication has relieved your symptoms, you may incorrectly conclude that you don't actually have a disease.

If you are reading this note, and you have no symptoms, and you have no memory of having symptoms, going to the doctor, being diagnosed with a disease, and procuring the medication, then you are in serious medical danger and require more medication urgently. At his point, we strongly recommend that you skip the health care system entirely and buy the medication directly from us with cash.